Sunday, 29 September 2013

Newton House Charity

House Charity Update 2012/13

Last year the Newton, Telford, Darwin, Stephenson and Brunel united to raise funds for the EllenorLions Hospice. The unification of the five houses was in memory of Mr White, a valued member of staff, who sadly passed away after being diagnosed with cancer.

It was fantastic to see the whole WGSB community come together to support this great cause and try to raise £10,000 for this great charity. An enormous amount of time was contributed by students and staff to help WGSB to achieve the high target set at the beginning of the year.

Newton house held a number of events throughout the year in order to try and hit the £2000 target set at the beginning of the year by each house. I am happy to report that every student has managed to contribute in some way to the grand total raised by Newton House.

After adding all the funds together that were collected from weekly collections, Own Clothes Day and other fund raising competitions held over the year, Newton House smashed the £2000 target and managed to exceed it by over £280 and come second to Telford in the fund raising competition by £50.

I would like to thank you to everyone who contributed towards the Newton fund raising campaign, your time and effort helped us raise a massive £2 280.41for the EllenorLions Hospices which help the hospice to fund a whole day of care to all its patients!

Looking ahead to the school year 2013/2014 the house charity will go back to the original format, each Form group of Newton House will have the opportunity of presenting a charity of their choice to Newton House. Once each Form has presented their charity, the whole of Newton House will have the chance to vote for the charity they wish to support.

I look forward to your suggestions and hope that we can choose a charity that will inspire the whole of Newton House

Thank you
Mr Benwell

Welcome to Newton House 2013-2014

Welcome to Newton House, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new Year 7’s and Year 12’s to Newton House. You have joinedthe number one house in WGSB, as Newton House won the overall house competition last year!

The ethos of Newton House has been steadily developing over the last 12 months, the house has very high expectations in terms of behaviour and representation of all activities open to students and as your Head of House I would like to see these values continue to develop over the coming academic year. We can reach our full potential this year, but only if every student in Newton House contributes to the house at some stage this year.

Looking back at the last academic year, I challenged all Newtonites to rally together to make it a historical year for Newton House, and wow you did not disappoint!  The majority of students took on the challenge issued and made Newton the number 1 house in WGSB and this year Newton are going to strive to raise the bar even higher and retain the converted number one position in WGSB House system.

As a house, we need to make sure that every activity on offer to students is well represented and that students are going above and beyond the expectations of WGSB. We are fortunate enough to have some highly determined members within in our house who have the desire to succeed at every level and this should be embraced by all members of Newton House.

This year we must maintain the work rate that has developed within the house, and make sure that Newton are consistently turning up to all events and offering a team capable of maintaining our vision of being the number one House in WGSB.

If you have any ideas and/or feel that you can make a difference within our House please come and see me, this is your House and you all have a say in what we do.

Good Luck

Mr Benwell